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1-Day Workshops
This series of one-day skills development workshops is designed for clinicians who have attended other schema therapy trainings and now wish to further develop their skills.   The workshops are highly appropriate for clinicians who are seeking to further develop skills in schema therapy practice and formulation, fine-tune experiential techniques such as imagery and chairwork and who are interested in receiving supervised/coached role play practise.  

(1) Structure and process of a typical schema therapy session (½ day)
(2) Working with OCPD (½ day)

This day is the final day of training for the certification programme but can also be attended on a ˜stand-alone basis. This workshop has been designed for clinicians who would benefit from guidance on the structure and process of a schema therapy session and also to introduce clinicians to the application of schema therapy to clients with OCPD or OCPD-type difficulties.  Therefore, the day will be split into two distinct parts. The morning will consist of working with OCPD and the afternoon will focus on the structure and process of a typical schema therapy session.  The second part of the day will also focus on commonly experienced difficulties facing clinicians working with challenging cases across diverse diagnostic criteria, including working with detachment, intense mood states & problematic behaviours. The precise direction and focus of the second part of the day will be developed from the needs of the workshop group on the day. It is assumed that attendees have a clear understanding of the Schema Therapy model.  Video footage and/or live demonstrations will be used to assist with this learning experience. 

Key learning areas

Participants will gain: 
- A total of 2½ hours of supervised role-play: this will focus on the modes classically associated with OCPD: vulnerable child mode; demanding parent mode & perfectionistic overcontroller mode, and also on modes which become relevant in the second part of the day).  

- A total of 3¾ hours of didactic (including discussion/demonstrations/videos) teaching on general elements of schema therapy, OCPD, structure and process of a typical schema therapy session, and commonly experienced difficulties facing clinicians.

- Experience of developing a session focus and maintaining structure through the use of attunement, understanding and empathic confrontation.
DATE: 14 June 2018 (Manchester) & 13 Sept 2018 (London) (Timings: 9.00AM-4.30PM)

LOCATION: this one-day workshop will be held in both London & Manchester, with participants choosing their preferred venue.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone using schema therapy who has had some training and experiential practise and wishes to develop their skills.

£164  for the One-Day Workshop
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