If you have any questions about our training or supervision please free to contact us at either info@schematherapytraininguk.com or info@schematherapyworkshops.com.

However, you may find the answers to your questions in the responses below:

​             Question 1:
I have already attended some training in schema therapy and wondered if this can be taken into account as having
fulfilled part of the requirements toward certification on your programmes?

We are able to build-upon trainings which you have received elsewhere, but unfortunately we are not able to incorporate them into our own certification programmes.  Our series of workshops - combined with the accompanying supervision and session ratings - on our certification programmes have been structured to fulfil the criteria laid down by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).  Our programmes have to be submitted to the ISST for scrutiny and are then validated by them before we can begin.  You will be able to see that if you did not receive all of the training from us, we would not be able to verify to the ISST that you have satisfied the society requirements for Certification/Accreditation. 

As a participant in any of the Schema Therapy Workshops Certification Programmes you would be ensured that you receive the required training, supervision and ratings of recordings of your sessions (another ISST requirement) which would lead to certification provided you reach the required standard.  All minimum requirements for certification would be provided. 

An alternative route to certification would be to independently meet the training, supervision, and skill requirements outlined by the ISST and present your portfolio to the ISST independently.  In this case, you would be responsible for presenting your own training and supervision experience to the ISST for consideration.  This of course puts the responsibility to ensure that you have complied with the ISST requirements on you.  If you decide to follow this 'independent route' and are unsure of the requirements (including ratings of some of your sessions) you can visit the ISST site to check out precisely what is required.

We hope this helps, and wish you well in your route to certification as a Schema Therapist whichever route you choose.

Question 2:
If I have enrolled on one of your certification programmes will I have to pay extra for supervision, tape rating etc?

If you are enrolled on one of our certification programmes everything except travel to the venue and your own accommodation charges are included in the cost of the programme.  Supervision, ratings of your recordings and training are all included in the price.  There is nothing extra to pay! 

Question 3:
What reading might 
be helpful before attending one of your workshops or before embarking on one of the certfication programmes?  

The following is a list of books that are required reading for participants on the certification programmes and highly recommended for participants on the "stand-alone" workshops.  Feedback from previous attendees on our workshops have emphasised how important this pre-training reading has been to them. 

(1)  Young, J.E., Klosko, J.S. & Weishaar, M.E. (2003).  Schema Therapy - A Practitioner’s Guide.  London: Guilford                  Press.
       ISBN: 1-57230-838-9 (hardcover)

(2)  Young, J.E. & Klosko, J.S. (1993).  Reinventing Your Life. New York: Plume.
      ISBN: 0-452-27204-1
      Note: this is a self-help book designed for clients to use themselves, but which is also very useful for the clinician.

(3)  Arntz, A. & Van Genderen, H. (2009).  Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. Chichester: John Wiley       & Sons Ltd.
      ISBN: 978-0-47051080-3 (cloth)  ii. ISBN: 978-0-470-51081-0 (pbk)

(4)  Rafaeli, E., Bernstein, D.P. & Young, J, (2010).  Schema Therapy (CBT Disctinctive Features), New York: Routledge.
      ISBN: 978-0-415-46299-0 

Question 4:
If I have group supervision what percentage of the time can I claim, i.e. how much of that time is counted toward my own supervision requirements toward certification? 

The ISST has a formula to work out how much time each participant in group supervision gains.  It primarily depends on how many people are in the group - the greater the number of participants, the more the supervision is 'watered-down'.  This formula can be found on the ISST website.  Any clarification of this should be sought from the ISST directly as Schema Therapy Training UK & Schema Therapy Workshops are not in a position to give an authorative answer.