1. The workshop [workshop 1] was fantastic, the best training I've been on so far - I've now signed up for the other 2 workshops! I was a bit apprehensive at first as everyone else on the course had way more experience than me, but the pace and content was fine. I'd really recommend this course to novice as well as advanced therapists. I thought CBT made sense, but schema therapy really helps you to understand where the client's difficulties came from. It's also helped me understand how my own childhood impacts on countertransference.
    Assistant Psychologist, 2014
  2. "Thanks for a really interesting two days. It has really made me think about myself and my practice, and I think I have already [one week later] started to work slightly differently as a result. I think schema therapy will be an excellent additional tool in my clinical practice and I am really looking forward to the next two workshops."
    Clinical Psychologist
  3. "I wanted to thank you again for the brilliant training, I found it incredibly valuable. On a professional level, I think I’ve already [a week later] started to work quite differently with my clients. There’s so many little nuggets of gold I took away from the training that it would take me too long to list them all. However, I think the biggest thing, is that I am now constantly thinking all the time about what the client needs from me as a therapist and what I need to do to meet those unmet needs from early childhood. Through doing the imagery exercises myself I think I’ve also become much more aware of client’s vulnerability in sessions, and I’m more sensitive to how I can help clients feel safe, nurtured and protected. My sessions this week seem to have been so much more powerful for clients and more shifts seem to have taken place where previously they’ve felt too frightened to explore certain issues."
    Child Clinical Psychologist, 2012
  4. "Thank you so much for one of the most useful and powerful training experiences of the past 30 years....I guess I need say no more!"
    Clinical Psychologist, 2014
  5. "Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and supervision Arnie! Despite the risk of sounding dramatic I wanted to say - It's been a life and career changing experience, thank you!"
    Clinical Psychologist/Certified Schema Therapist, 2017
  6. "... With regard to the training itself, it is a real precision piece of training, a must for anyone working with clients with antisocial/borderline/narcissistic features. The comprehensiveness and robustness of the model was matched only by that of the facilitators' experience and knowledge base - will be looking forward to the next workshop".
    Senior Psychologist, Psychological Society of Ireland, 2012
  7. "The workshop [workshop 1] was a very valuable introduction to schema therapy. It was a great balance of theory and practice. The interactive aspects of the workshop really open your eyes to the powerful nature of the schema therapy techniques, particularly the imagery work."
    Forensic Psychologist, 2013
  8. "The Schema Therapy workshop has been extremely useful and has hugely enhanced my skills and confidence as a therapist. The trainers are engaging and approachable, and the workshop materials accessible. It is particularly useful for clinicians who work with people with personality disorder; nonetheless. After three days of training I have taken away with me not just professional growth but also personal insights."
    Clinical Psychologist, 2013
  9. "The certification process I experienced in many ways reflects the schema model, it has been extremely supportive, containing, dynamic and structured throughout for what could have been a very anxious process having left formal studying for a while and then juggling studying with work and life! I thoroughly recommend it, it has helped me immensely to work with the challenges and complexity with people with PD."
    Clinical Psychologist/Certified Schema Therapist, 2017
  10. “I found the training inspiring yet practical and has definitely developed my skills to provide in-depth treatment to people with complex and lifelong difficulties. The facilitators are clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about theoretical concepts and the practical applications of the model.”
    Clinical Psychologist
  11. "I am writing to express a big big thanks to you, Arnie and Litsa for the workshop. I went back to work on Monday feeling energised and empowered! It is the most useful workshop I have been in in regards to my work with clients with BPD."
    Clinical Psychologist, 2013
  12. Thank you so much for a great training experience. I learnt a lot and look forward to, as you say, absorbing myself in some reading.
    Clinical Psychologist, 2016
  13. Arnie, thank you so much for a really inspiring and interesting three days training. I felt really motivated and inspired following the training and have already started to apply what I learnt in my clinical practice.
    Forensic Psychologist in Training, 2016
  14. Thank you so much for the past 3 days. I thoroughly enjoyed the training working with yourself and such a great group. I have learnt so much and loved the experiential work. Funnily enough my first client this morning [the day after the training] was an initial assessment who has had several CBT interventions over the years with little change and was just perfect for Schema work.
    Counselling Psychologist, 2016
  15. I found the workshop one training really lively, and the presenter did a skilful job conveying the essential concepts in a manner that felt both real and relevant. As a training group, we were supported in voicing a whole range of reactions to the material, in a friendly atmosphere developed through well-judged use of video clips, sharing of experience, and humour. Excellent training that I would whole-heartedly recommend to other therapists.
    Clinical Psychologist, 2016
  16. An informative interactive training on completion of which I had the confidence to apply the main Schema interventions in my clinical practice.
    Counselling Psychologist, 2016
  17. Arnie, I really appreciated your style, and it made for superb connexion with the material. Can’t get it out of my head! Will be looking to do the rest of the training next year if possible. Thanks so much.
    Clinical Psychologist, 2016
  18. I have attended previous SFT mode workshops and read quite a bit but this is without a doubt the most helpful training I have had. Since attending I have already significantly changed my practice and I finally feel like I have a real understanding of the approach and techniques. So I wanted to just thank you and let you know how much I appreciated your time.
    Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist/Clinical Psychologist, 2016
  19. it was a really fantastic three days. The model is really relatable and makes sense and I can see how these techniques could be so useful to clients. I can’t wait to do the second workshop and learn even more about how to work with these complex clients. All material was delivered with passion and conviction and all questions the group asked were answered comprehensively.
    Psychological Practitioner, 2017
  20. It has been a very informative and insightful course and I’m pleased I attended. The course has exceeded my expectations and Arnie has been great throughout.
    Psychologist, 2017
  21. Thank you so much to everyone for organising such a wonderful course. Every element was professional and enabling. I was so enthused and motivated that I have booked the earliest possible further training.
    Psychotherapist, 2017
  22. “… thank you both so much for such excellent training. Such a wonderful experience of two excellent trainers.
    CBT Psychotherapist, 2013
  23. An immersive, and personal training experience packed with video, role play, and live demonstrations of schema therapy skills as well as ample opportunity to explore your own schemas and modes as a therapist. I went away with the confidence to play with lots of new techniques in my therapy sessions with patients. Thank you.
    Honorary Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, 2013
  24. "I really enjoyed the training and started using the techniques immediately after workshop 1. Doing a lot of experiential work and watching the interventions (live demonstrations and video recordings, made it easier for me to understand how to use schema therapy with my patients. I also really appreciated the atmosphere during the training which was very supportive and empathic of our "defectiveness" schema as therapists."
    Psychologist, Luxembourg, 2014
  25. "I just want to say a big thank you- I thought the workshop was fantastic. I found it really thorough and gave me a real foundation for understanding and practicing schema therapy. [The facilitator] really is an inspiration with a really warm, empathic style and I hope that I will eventually be able to practice schema therapy with the style and skill level demonstrated."
    Assistant Psychologist, 2014
  26. Fantastic workshop! Great to immerse myself in schema therapy.
    Occupational Therapist, 2017
  27. This was an excellent course! Very informative. Really good engaging presentation. I have learnt so much and feel very enthused about starting to use some schema therapy in my practice. I found the experiential nature of the course invaluable for my learning and understanding Thank you!
    Psychological Practitioner, 2017
  28. "Thank you for three superb training days. I learned a significant amount, particularly through the practical aspects of the course which I really valued. So often, courses focus on theory and literature and seem to run out of time to get round to the practice which is what, I think, most clinicians want and need, and what ultimately is most likely to benefit the patient. The pre-course reading was vital, as we had been told. However, seeing the techniques in action has since made further reading more meaningful – that is, I think I am getting even more out of the reading I am now doing."
    Clinical Psychologist, 2014
  29. "I was very impressed with the level of information and professionalism experienced during the first workshop of my schema training. I was provided with clear indications of how to further my knowledge and expertise, and was left eager to begin the process with clients. The workshop was wonderfully varied and fun, and the high level of experiential work really aided understanding. I would highly recommend the training and the schema approach"
    Psychotherapist, 2014
  30. “I would just like to take the chance to say I really enjoyed the workshop at the weekend. I found the presenting style combination of [names of trainers] extremely engaging and their passion for the model was evident throughout. I went away feeling I had a thorough understanding of the model and a re-ignition of my interest in the model.”
    Counselling Psychologist
  31. “Thoroughly enjoyed the training, both trainers are very genuine, approachable and experienced."
    Clinical Psychologist